Crypto Exchange Binance Creates New Division For Institutional-Grade Research Reports

Crypto exchange Binance has created a division that will provide in-depth analysis and data-driven insights of crypto assets.

Called Binance Research, the new division will focus on the creation of institutional-grade research reports with the aim of increasing transparency and improving the quality of information available within the crypto space.

“With the creation of Binance Research, we are building upon our endeavor of spreading knowledge of blockchain to everyone,” Binance said. “After the formation of Binance Info and Binance Academy, it made a lot of sense for our team to share what we learned from our early days of research for the benefit of the whole blockchain community.”

The new division’s main output will consists of comprehensive, impartial research reports on various cryptocurrencies in existence. Each report will be divided into a number of differing segments, including introduction to the featured cryptocurrency, key metrics and highlights, price and volume chart, token sale and economics, technical code overview, product and adoption metrics, and team overview, among others.

“Binance Research aims to go beyond the granular analysis of individual crypto projects,” the company said. “The team has expressed an intention to create a variety of publications on wider-reaching key market themes.”

Earlier this year, Binance launched a number of new divisions, including Binance Info, its database of information on various cryptocurrencies, and Binance Academy, a crypto-education arm giving basic to advanced lessons on blockchain and crypto topics.

“In the nascent blockchain environment, there is still much to learn about the many cryptocurrencies in existence. A lot of work remains to be done to sort out between hard data and hype noise, to separate wheat from chaff,” Binance said. “At Binance Research, we shine a spotlight on quality blockchain projects, digging into the specifics of certain coins to come up with research reports that provide comprehensive data and insightful analysis.”

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