Samsung Applies Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Into Their Devices

Recently, Samsung filed a patent trademark form at the IPO office of UK, for launching crypto wallet. This reveals that the electronics company is very close to implementing blockchain technology within their future planned devices.

Samsung is a popular leading electronics company. There has been recent news about this platform to establish their blockchain and cryptocurrency operating a smartphone. However, they are ready with their process to acquire a UK trademark for the Intellectual Property Office.

Filing the trademark, the document explains about Samsung to consider implementing cryptocurrency wallet to slot within its smartphones. Previously, there was a talk advising Samsung to include a cryptocurrency cold wallet within its existing version Galaxy S10 phone.

Meanwhile, back in December 2018, the company also files additional three trademark apps at the European Union regarding Cryptocurrency and Blockchain software.

The recent filing, which we saw last week with the IPO at the United Kingdom, it is basically the office which has the authority to either approve or reject marks along with business names. It backs the overall speculation.

It clearly explains that this electronics company is looking for the trademark approval of “Samsung Crypto Wallet”. This application will allow them to facilitate a crypto wallet into their electronic devices/smartphones.

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