BlackStar Enterprise Group Building Blockchain For Selling Common Stock Shares

Blackstar Enterprise Group of Colorado is building a digital equity trading platform on the blockchain. When completed, this platform will allow peer-to-peer trading of BlackStar digital shares of common stock. The company is a publicly traded merchant banking firm that facilitates venture capital to early stage revenue companies.

BlackStar intends to offer consulting and regulatory compliance services to crypto-equity companies and blockchain entrepreneurs for securities, tax, and commodity issues. BlackStar is conducting ongoing analysis for opportunities in involvement in crypto-related ventures through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Crypto Equity Management Corp., mainly in the areas of blockchain and distributed ledger

The company also hopes to reproduce the technology for other small-cap public companies and unregulated coin offerings and to provide consulting regarding converting their equity to trade on their own encrypted digital trading platform compliant with the existing legal framework of the SEC.

BlackStar plans to seek regulatory review as necessary from the SEC and various regulators of its platform in ”Demo”
mode prior to activation and implementation, after which BlackStar intends to register digital shares of its outstanding
common stock and additional digital shares for sale in a Digital Offering in compliance with all the rules and regulations
of the SEC.


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