Millions of National Lottery scratchcards recalled after great-gran finds wordsearch game spelt out 'C***'

MILLIONS of scratchcards have been withdrawn from sale by Lotto bosses after one of its wordsearch games spelt out the C-word.

The Sun told how great-gran Cath Cutts, 69, discovered the swear word on her £3 Triple Cashword game.

Horrified Camelot chiefs apologised but admitted it was possible the scratchcards could spell out other offensive words including s***, f*** and t***.

They have now taken the unprecedented step of pulping 24 million Triple Cashword Blue cards.

A further seven million Cashword orange and yellow bonus cards have also been binned. It is likely to cost the firm a fortune in lost revenue.

A Camelot spokeswoman said: "Although the letters are chosen entirely at random, we identified that there could be the possibility for a number of offensive words to be spelled out by the circled letters.

"As a result, we are in the process of removing the game from market – and, as a precautionary measure, our other two Cashword games.

"Although we have only had one instance of this reported to us on our Cashword games, we’re working with our Scratchcards supplier to see how we can prevent this from happening again for future versions of this Scratchcard."


The spokeswoman added: "There will be a costs involved with physically removing the cards from stores, and organising replacement games."

As part of the Cashword game players are given 18 letters to complete words in a wordgrid and can win between £3 and £300,000.

They can then triple their winnings if a completed word contains one of the four circled bonus letters.

Mum-of-three Cath took her's home to Mexborough, South Yorks., but was gob-smacked when she got it out and saw the C-word.

Last night, Cath said: "It serves them right. I tried to raise the issue with them and got fobbed off by a snooty call centre worker.

"It was only when it went in The Sun that they took it seriously."

Retired driver Cath said she had now received a letter of apology from Camelot.

The note reads: "Unfortunately there was an issue with the design of the Triple Cashword Blue scratchcard.

"Although the letters are chosen at random there could be the possibility for a number of offensive words to be spelled out by the circled letters.

"In your case, despite being very rare, this is what happened."

They enclosed five £250,000 scratchcards as compensation – and Cath won £5.

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