Chinese City Using Blockchain Tech To Track Community Prisoners

The new system is intended to reduce the need for in-person monitoring.

  • The justice department of the Chinese city Zhongshan has developed a blockchain platform to track the movement and activities of so-called “community prisoners,” according to a September 6 article in local newspaper Zhongshan Daily.

    The article states that criminals on parole will be required to wear an electronic bracelet that tracks their movements and uploads that information to the blockchain platform. That information will then be made available to community correction staff and relevant law enforcement agencies, so that authorities can intervene when they notice a “community prisoner” breaking from their required routine. This system is designed to reduce the man hours necessary to monitor the movement and activities of these prisoners.

    The article also claims that the new system can detect the potential recidivism through analysis of the person’s criminal history and behavioral data. This will reportedly help relevant staff to intervene before the parolee re-offends and facilitate targeted education opportunities.

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