aelf Set to Unveil Mainnet on December 10

Enterprise-geared, high performance decentralized blockchain platform aelf is poised to launch its highly-anticipated mainnet.

aelf Mainnet Launch on the Horizon

Two years after launching its mainnet on June 30, 2018, aelf is now set to launch its mainnet. According to a recent announcement by the aelf team, the project is primed to unveil its mainnet on December 10, 2020.

Notably, the aelf ecosystem has been burning the midnight oil to continually improve and enrich the technology. At the same time, the team has given a lot of focus toward providing users with a high-performance, user-friendly, and reliable, and efficient large-scale distributed ledger technology (DLT) infrastructure.

After years of hard work since the launch of their public testnet, the aelf team is confident that it has checked all the boxes required for a smooth mainnet launch. Against that backdrop, the December 10 date will mark the start of a new phase for the aelf ecosystem.

Updates to the Mainnet Launch Roadmap

Building up to December 10, aelf has updated its mainnet launch roadmap. The new roadmap can broadly be divided into a total of five phases, namely, mainnet security monitoring, mainnet token swap, node election, mainnet improvement, and mainnet stabilization.

Phases of the Roadmap

Phase 1: Mainnet Security Monitoring

1) The mainnet will be launched; Simultaneously, the main chain and side chain will be launched in parallel.

2) Next, the mainnet will gain access to mainstream exchange for wider adoption.

3) The aelf community will be invited to try out the new features included in the mainnet.

Phase 2: Mainnet Token Swap

1) The aelf team will unlock the mainnet tokens and kickstart the token transfer feature.

2) The token migration will be initiated.

3) Mainstream exchanges will be asked to cooperate to enable easy token swap for token holders.

Phase 3: Node Election

1) A campaign is to be held for host mainnet node election.

2) Decentralized applications on aelf blockchain to go-live.

Phase 4: Mainnet Improvement

1) Elected parties will replace all nodes.

2) The aelf DAO management committee to be elected.

3) The dApp development contest will be hosted.

Phase 5: Mainnet Stabilization

1) Building towards achieving the auto-governance of the aelf ecosystem.

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