Alt-Coin Race Part 3, PotCoin

PotCoin has been present in the crypto community since January 2014. It is the first coin to support the legal marijuana industry and aims to provide fast, private and easy transactions. It is usually valued against the BTC, not the USD.

PotCoin prices sat at a low of around 100 to 600 Satoshi before gaining momentum in September 2016. Its floor was raised to about 1600 when it peaked at around 2500 Satoshi in December 2016 with a spike to 5300 3 months prior.

An Investor with good foresight may have spotted this hidden gem and bought as much as possible when it was cheap. This is one of the investment that has yielded a 10x,20x,50x ROI. (Return on Investment)

However, volume on PotCoin is such that it cannot take dumps bigger than 3 to 8 BTC without taking a plunge in price. During a spike, it would be possible to offload as many coins as possible and to retain a portion as a future investment or less ROI. The floor before the Alt-coin race was at  around 1540 and trading between 1150 and 2250. A healthy 2x margin to keep it actively trading.

After the dust settles, I expect PotCoin to take a dive to about 1800 (floor price) and recover nicely. A new trading floor of around 2100 can be expected with swings of 450 in either direction.

In my opinion, PotCoin is worth taking the time to trade, accumulating free bags by selling enough to profit and to retain coins for staking. It has been doing great the last few days with pressure building at 3000. Finding the end of a downswing is a good time to buy, not during a popularity contest. Do your research and you won’t be stuck with bags of coins that are worth less.

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