Bittrex will not support Monero [XMR] & MoneroV [XMV] fork

Monero [XMR] is one of the coins which reached extremes on both sides, positive and negative of the graph in recent times. When the entire crypto market almost had a blackout on Thursday night, Monero was hit equally hard. It was at $322.67 yesterday while it has dropped down to $256.56 today, which is almost a 19.15% downfall.

The new normal for cryptocurrencies are forks of the existing currencies. Monero is a recent addition to the list of coins with their offsprings. Monero has announced the release of its fork, MoneroV [XMV].

The main reason behind all focus on Monero is its anonymity. It is difficult to fish for differences between Monero and its fork MoneroV as the primary purpose of both are the same.

Bittrex’s Tweet

XMV is expected to release on March 14th, 2018, and Bittrex says the development team of XMV has not contacted them yet. According to Bittrex’s tweet, it might be too late already for XMV to approach them and even if they do, they will not be able to make it in time to complete the rigorous review process.

Bittrex is one among the larger exchanges with a very high turnover. They are based in the USA and have very good security with 2-factor authenticity. They are globally recognized with a huge number of transactions happening every day.

Emdad, a cryptocurrency enthusiast says:

“Oh, now you want to start announcing whether you’re supporting or not supporting a fork? Where was this for ZCL bruv”

Khadir Velavan, another enthusiast says:

“Now they have postponed the fork and so you have amble time to prepare for the fork.”

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