Cardano Major Meeting on Feb 28 – Be on the Lookout

London Feb 26 – the team behind Cardano will be showcasing the cryptocurrencies most recent achievements and developments to various investors and known figures. With the gathering taking place, there is a high possibility that it will have a positive impact on the cryptocurrency in the present understanding and future – from which traders and ADA enthusiasts could taste some profit.

Core member of the team backing up Cardano – Bruce Milligan will be center speaking while updating the attendees on what work and improvement has been successfully done until now and what are the future plans for the much promising coin Cardano.

First to be mentioned, the event is a great way to promote the project among interested or potential investors in the crypto-world. Keeping in mind that Cardano [compared to many other altcoins and Bitcoin] is a relatively new coin in the ecosystem, any future plans, roadmap or development will have its echo effect throughout the audience that are following.

Adding to that, this could be a good chance for the team to discuss and accept suggestions or ideas on further development. In addition traders will be able to assess if the announced suggestions can have impact on the value of the cryptocurrency which will be a useful analysis for the team.

Recently, Finance Magnates spoke with Charles Hoskinson about Cardano’s technology, the future of Cardano, and some of the controversy surrounding the coin.

According to Hoskinson – Cardano’s  position has been earned by popular opinion:

“People are taking their bets. People are looking at the science, people are looking at the team, they’ve looked at the progress made already, they looked at the philosophy, how we go about doing our business, and they made a bet that Cardano seems to be a contender.”

He continued: “I think a lot of people are making a strategic bet. Now if i’m wrong, you can vote by your feet and leave. If I’m right, well, welcome aboard. Regardless, I’m building this over a long term. I want ADA and Cardano to be used 50 years from now, I want this to be like TCP IP. Our vision is for Cardano to be the financial stack of the developing world.

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