Japanese Fintech Company Announces C++ Implementation for Polkadot (DOT)

Soramitsu, a Japanese Fintech company, has announced KAGOME, a C++ implementation of the Polkadot Host built with the support of the Web3 Foundation (W3F) grant, in a press release on Oct 22. 

Soramitsu Work in Polkadot 

The company is behind the world’s first central bank-issued blockchain payment app for the national bank of Cambodia. 

They are also the main developers of the Hyperledger open-source protocol. Polkadot aims to build a solution that will bring interoperability and cross-chain communication across siloed blockchains. 

The Polkadot Host is a framework for developing and running blockchains of which the Relay chain is core. 

It provides several usable components including a networking layer (libp2p)—which the Web3 Foundation grant covers, a consensus layer, a virtual machine, and a series of APIs. 

Polkadot Interoperable Web

A big part of Polkadot will be their reliable and secure bridges, Parachains—which are independent blockchains connected to the hub facilitating cross-chain communication and dApp interoperability, Parathreads–different from Parachains only from an economic standpoint especially for projects who want to first try out the platform before purchasing a slot, and a Relay Chain which, as aforementioned, is the backbone of the Polkadot network enabling seamless communication between Parachains. 

Using Polkadot, the Soramitsu will use the Hyperledger Iroha to connect with external complementing infrastructures and protocols including blockchains, oracles, exchanges, and future technologies as they work and contribute towards building a vibrant and rich interconnected web.

Supplementing Other Polkadot Host Implementations

KAGOME will supplement other development work in Rust, Golang, and JavaScript. 

All this, Soramitsu said, will help tap the large, well-established, and enterprise-friendly C++ community in an arrangement that will help build a robust and resilient Polkadot ecosystem.

The W3F continually checks for conformance and compatibility, maintaining regular test results of implementations coded in Rust (substrate) and Gossamer (Golang).  

The Polkadot Conformance Test suite uses Julia Scripts that execute different host adapters tracking and continuously checking for conformance.

KAGOME is not the only project Soramitsu is working on Polkadot. The Fintech company has received a grant from the W3F to build Polkaswap, a DEX exchange. 

As BTCManager reported, Polkadot revealed details of their Initial Polkadot Offering (IPO). The IPO is a new model for launching dApps in the high throughput and scalable interoperable network.

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