MoonLite Aims to Dominate the Cryptocurrency Mining Industry with Green Energy

The MoonLite Project aims to dominate the cryptocurrency mining industry through the creation and operation of multiple industrial-scale data centers powered completely by green energy – with plans to primarily mine Bitcoin, DASH, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Big Dreams, Bigger Reality

The MoonLite Project has set out to become the dominant cryptocurrency mining company in the world by utilizing the latest emerging technology, operating as efficiently as possible, and utilizing an industry-leading team of experts.

Most importantly, however, is the fact that MoonLite will be entirely powered by 100% sustainable, green energy. Energy consumed by MoonLite’s data centers will be generated using hydro, geothermal, and wind resources – and will utilize a contractual supply of the cleanest energy available at a multi-year fixed rate.

MoonLite also takes advantage of a variety of emergent technologies, including but not limited to artificial intelligence and sophisticated, custom-built algorithms which work together in order to help the data centers run at maximum efficiency – thus maximizing profits.

A Match Made in Iceland

MoonLite’s first mining operation will take place in the data center capital of the world: Iceland. In the Nordic nation, the average tariff for industrial connections is a mere 0.043 USD per kWh. As an added bonus, extensive cooling infrastructure is rendered unnecessary by the naturally cold Icelandic climate.

MoonLite has already agreed to energy production contracts with two Icelandic producers, guaranteeing the full 15Mw needed to conduct its operations. Additionally, further contracts with the necessary transmission company are in progress and have already been secured. On top of that, MoonLite has entered into purchase agreements for the desired land in Keflavik.

With the wheels in motion, Moonlite is set to be the third largest data center in Iceland – a statistic which includes cloud, storage, and HPC centers. When it comes to cryptocurrency, MoonLite will be the largest in Iceland.

An Expert Team

MoonLite also has an industry-leading operational team which oversees and maintains smooth operations of the massive data centers, in addition to an experienced and highly-qualified board of advisors who assist in the planning and effective execution of the company’s data centers. Only the most qualified and most talented individuals are invited to join the MoonLite team.

Where do the Proceeds Go?

MoonLite’s mining proceeds are split into three categories.

First, a percentage of proceeds are liquidated into fiat currency in order to cover operational costs, ad-hoc reinvestment into operations, and to engage in other cryptocurrency and blockchain investment opportunities.

Secondly, a percentage of proceeds are retained and kept in cold storage for the purpose of appreciation and investment value. A lesser percentage will also be traded by a team of in-house expert cryptocurrency traders who can all but guarantee maximum returns.

Finally, a certain percentage will be used for scheduled equipment purchases and the further expansion of operations.

The ultimate ratio will be decided by a vote from token holders but will start with 60:20:20 as a base.

Time Is Running out for the ICO

MoonLite’s ICO is currently live and is set to end in less than two weeks.

MoonLite is set to begin operations in August 2018 at which time it will start its journey to becoming the largest cryptocurrency mining companies on the planet.

You can learn more about the MoonLite project, peruse the whitepaper, check out its industry-leading team and get invested on its official website.

What do you think of MoonLite’s journey to becoming one of the largest cryptocurrency mining companies on the planet? Let us know in the comments below!

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