Telegram Now Has Its Own Bitcoin Cash Tipbot”

Bitcoin Cash has quickly become one of the world’s most popular altcoins. It is an improved version of Bitcoin in many different ways. Getting BCH into the hands of more people is still a challenge. With the new Telegram tipbot, however, that situation will change sooner rather than later.

Tipping bots have always been a powerful tool in the cryptocurrency world. Most of these creations can only be used on Reddit or Twitter. Thankfully, a new Tippr-like bot has been created which runs on top of the Telegram protocol. This will expose millions of people to Bitcoin Cash in the process. It is now possible to send and receive payments, as well as tip users for whichever reason.

Bitcoin Cash Comes to Telegram

In fact, this new bot shares a lot of similarities with Tippr. That is not necessarily a bad thing, as Tippr is incredibly useful and popular among BCH supporters as of right now. With the new Telegram bot, it will be interesting to see if people pay more attention to this altcoin. Being able to send or receive BCH payments with just a few clicks is pretty convenient, for obvious reasons.

Most people would expect such a tip bot to be created for Bitcoin, rather than altcoins. With the recent high fees for BTC transactions, such solutions are seemingly not viable. Once the Lightning Network goes live, that situation may change in the future.For now, the Tip Me BCH bot only supports Bitcoin Cash, for obvious reasons. It will be interesting to see how the average Telegram users respond to this new solution.

All of this goes to show there is a genuine demand for Bitcoin Cash. More importantly, community members make exciting things like this happen on their own accord. For now, there is no official “help documentation” for the bot, but that situation will be resolved shortly. It is simple to integrate this bot as well, once users send it a direct message over Telegram. From there, they can add this user to different channels accordingly.

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