TRON [TRX] expands their tech as platform adoption increases!

TRON has increased its technical team slowly and steadily with the new value addition being Matt Yue —the former Senior Software Engineer of Meituan and LeEco.

Tron is a platform that aims to transform the Internet back to a decentralized platform by giving the power back to the public instead of centralized architecture. Though it’s token TRX has been trading in the down low like all other tokens, the platform has seen a steady increase in the number of people signup with its products. With an average daily volume of $137 million and a $236 million market cap, the current value of the token is at $0.039

Currently, 3,000,000 TRX token is in circulation and it has fallen slightly over 20 percent over the past week as the entire market faces a bearish grip which its still trying to come out of.

TRON gives the power to the general public to create and circulate content for free without depending on the centralized service providers and implements the blockchain technology to full use where anyone can issue to digital asset in form of TRX that is being protected by smart contracts.

Robert Wong, an Investment Advisor at Barclays says,

“Tron now has a big user base, you can’t be in the Top 20 coins if you don’t have value”

With Bitcoin crossing 10,000 USD this week, many expected that the market is out of danger but the slight pullback shows that people are still double minded about the bearish markets. Amidst the slow decrease of TRX, the platform in itself has seen an increase in the number of people supporting and using DAPP.

With the market still under a situation where most experts can’t conclude whether this shall be the end of the bearish market or still it may continue? The investors are also way too precautionary.

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