Tron TRX and Justin Sun’s Twitter profile hijacked by spammers

Over the past few weeks, spamming bots or scammer have intensified their attacks on Tron’s official Twitter handles by tweeting out posts about a “free” TRX/ETH give away for people who donate a particular amount of ETH to a particular address. This attack was noticed at multiple cryptocurrency related influencers’ Twitter handles including Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin and Binance’s CEO.

Fake Twitter handle of Justin Sun trying to con people

Although many people recognized his fake profile and identified it was a scam, many innocent followers fell for the scam. Fake responses confirming the transaction on the same tweet validated the con and it was almost believable.

Fake replies validating the con making the scam almost believable

With US intensifying allegations of a Russian involvement in America’s voting dynamics through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, there was an intensive upgrade in the security protocols of Twitter user verification program. Twitter in an official announcement stated that multiple posts with the same tweet would lead to banning of accounts unless it falls under an emergency category like earthquakes, floods, etc.

Malcolm Chang, a security analyst from Hong Kong says,

“The blue tick is an indication of a verified user, people should be careful about what they read and whom to trust, these are difficult FUD times, do your own research and then spend your money. Remember, it’s your money, it won’t come back if you give it away to scamsters”

Robin Madhavan, a blockchain developer from London says,

“People already feel cryptocurrencies as a ‘get rich quick scheme’, these giveaways make it seem more surreal. Who gives away money like that? More importantly, it is high time Twitter comes up with stringent security checks to make sure fake accounts aren’t created in the first place”

Many unassuming followers who didn’t read the whole tweet series transferred the ETH amounts and replied to the tweets with a hopeful expectation of getting 5-10x their returns. With the new Twitter security feature which is expected to roll out in March, fake accounts and spammy posts will be auto-deleted.

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