Why 2018 Will Be A Good Year For Bitcoin

2018 has been a rocky year so far for Bitcoin. Whilst it ended 2017 on a high, it did not have the best start to the new year. Yet experts have predicted that 2018 will ultimately be a great year for the popular cryptocurrency, and this is because of ICO’s.

Here are the three main contributors that have got Bitcoin into their recovery mode, and why investors should be getting excited.

Legitimate ICO’s

Legitimate ICO’s will play a massive part in Bitcoin success. Whilst they have been around for a long time now, not all of them have been legitimate, and this has meant that many investors have lost interest.

However, these new ICO’s are likely to impact the Ethereum network, which will increase the demand for the digital currency.

Institutional Investors:

Approximately ten to twelve billion USD will be invested into the cryptocurrency market this year alone. This is a massive amount, and overtakes many other markets. In fact, this estimate is said to be nearly double the market capital of cryptocurrencies last year, and it is this increase in institutional investment that goes someway to suggest that this year will definitely be a good one for Bitcoin.

Increased Regulation:

If you follow the cryptocurrency market at all, you will know that regulations surrounding the market have become a lot stricter. Instead, some countries have announced complete bans. But it is this increased regulation that actually is a good thing for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as investors are much more likely to trust them.

To gain legal stability and certainty, it is so important to have rules, so these regulations will definitely help investors and companies in the long run.

Japan, South Korea and the US are just a few of the countries who have, for some time been building stringent regulations for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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