Bitcoin for Boobs – Who's Currency Is Failing Now, Carney?

Bitcoin can be a virtual minefield of information for a newbie, but ‘Bitcoin for Boobs’ aims to… No, wait a minute. You can now buy body modification for bitcoin and ethereum at a plastic surgery clinic in Houston, Texas.

Seriously, What Can’t You Buy with Bitcoin?

The list is becoming shorter and shorter, and thanks to Memorial Plastic Surgery in the good ole US of A, we can now cross boobs off that list. And bums, noses, lips, eyelids, and hymens, which sounds like the ingredients of a discount sausage.

This, despite Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney’s assertion, that bitcoin has ‘failed’ as a currency. I’ll wager that the good clinic won’t accept pounds sterling for their services.

Their Reasoning?

Well, they’re based in Houston so why would they take… oh, the crypto thing.

Founder, Dr. Patrick Hsu, said:

Cryptocurrency provides an alternative payment method, with a number of benefits, which is an attractive option to many of our patients.

The surgery serves many patients from foreign countries, and the standard process of money transfer and exchange is very time-consuming. Patients have increasingly been suggesting crypto to them as a way to streamline this process.

So How Much Will My Surgery Cost?

When a patient chooses to pay in crypto, the cost is converted into BTC or ETH according to the rate on the Gemini exchange, at that exact time and date. The patient then has a twelve-hour window to complete the payment. Otherwise, the price will expire and they will recalculate using the latest rate.

Seems like a loophole to me. If the price is heading north then don’t make the payment and wait for a better conversion rate. If the price is going down then you get a discount on your surgery. Buy the crypto back when it bottoms out and you’ve done yourself a deal.

If only spotting bottoms was that easy, eh? And yes, the plastic surgery pun is very much intended.

Would you pay for cosmetic surgery or other medical procedure with Bitcoin? Do you think that it will catch on as a method of payment for other medical professionals? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Memorial Plastic Surgery, Shutterstock

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