Bitcoin Cash [BCH] is fully focused on adoption of cryptocurrencies in commerce, says Roger Ver

The cryptocurrency space is finally getting mainstream attention these days, following the efforts of the many thought leaders who have worked hard towards its promotion and subsequent adoption. Roger Ver is one of these thought leaders, with Ver promoting Bitcoin Cash [BCH] as the original Bitcoin. In doing so, he recently featured in an interview to discuss BCH’s new capabilities and its work against the current system of law.

Ver began by speaking about BCH’s latest innovation, “self-custodial blind escrow,” as a differentiator from the current cryptocurrency leader, Bitcoin [BTC]. He explained,

“This (blind escrow) platform allows anybody to buy and sell Bitcoin Cash [BCH] in any country and any payment method, with no AML KYC required from The people are only required to abide by their local regulations.”

The core of this technology is powered by a special op-code that leverages a third-party’s datasig to verify and settle payment or transaction disputes. While highlighting that BTC did not support this feature yet, Ver stated that neither the chosen third party authority nor will hold any access to the transaction data, due to the system’s end to end encrypted infrastructure. He also supported BCH’s sluggish trading value recovery by saying,

“If you want the long term price to go up, you should be focusing on the adoption of cryptocurrencies and commerce. And that’s exactly what we’re doing at Bitcoin Cash.”

Global BCH trading has commenced from June 4th, in honor of the 1989 Tienanmen Square protests in Beijing, China. While the move strongly hints at Ver’s attempt to monopolize the crypto-hungry Chinese market, he stressed that people from across the world can use any payment methods to make BCH purchases, including “PayPal, wire transfer or even a suitcase full of cash at Starbucks.”

Speaking about the implications of using’s services in countries where crypto is banned, Ver compared the situation with marijuana’s legality, stating,

“If a law is a bad one or a stupid one, people should disobey it. Smoking a plant that makes you feel happy isn’t a crime.”

He also pointed out the problem of tribalism in the crypto-community, while complimenting peer blockchains including Ethereum, Dash, Monero, and Zcash. On the other hand, Ver called out the bad players that attempted a hack on the Bitcoin Cash network during the recent hard fork. As a collective response on behalf of other prominent leaders such as Peter McCormack and Vitalik Buterin (who are also sued by BSV’s Craig Wright), Ver said,

“Craig, you’re wasting everybody’s time and retarding the rate of economic growth at the entire world by wasting everybody’s time. So please stop, go and go and live your life and do something else.”

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