CoinText Chooses Bitcoin Cash As Payment Of Choice

A pro of using cryptocurrency has always been its ease of use. With no bank account required, individuals can easily send and receive altcoins through their mobile phone, as long as they have access to the internet. But this is about to change as Bitcoin Cash becomes even easier to transfer through the innovation of CoinText.

What is CoinText?

CoinText is a service that will allow users to send the altcoin, Bitcoin Cash, via SMS text message. This means that even more people than before will be able to use Bitcoin – even when they don’t have an internet connection.

How to use CoinText

To use CoinText, there is no need to create an account or use any specific software. In the event that someone sends Bitcoin Cash to an individual who hasn’t set up their wallet, one will automatically be created for them. This reduces delays, meaning the recipient can access their cryptocurrency straightaway.

CoinText Privacy

CoinText provides excellent privacy and allows users to stay anonymous, as the service will not store personal information such as phone numbers or private and public keys. CoinText does not store funds either, giving users full control over their Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash

It is interesting to note that CoinText focuses on Bitcoin Cash, rather than the seemingly more obvious choice of Bitcoin. However, an increasing number of services are no longer using Bitcoin at all, creating a window for this altcoin to grow in popularity as it becomes available to more people.

CoinText should be available and ready to use in the next month, though the specific date is yet to be announced.


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