Goldman Sachs Is Hiring a Digital Asset Manager

Goldman Sachs, the American multinational investment banking, securities, and management firm, is hiring an executive for its Digital Assets team in London as per a LinkedIn post on Oct 10. So far, over 2,000 people have applied for the position.

Executive to Head the Global Banking Giant’s Digital Assets Department

The multi-disciplinary team is under the investment bank’s Global Markets Division–tasked with defining and executing the firm’s Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and blockchain efforts within the company, including potential initiatives within the cryptocurrency space.

The successful candidate will be an integral member of the team with the primary focus “on the timely execution of new activity in the digital assets space.” He/she will also collaborate with other departments within the firm to better understand their business and identify opportunities where blockchain or DLT digital assets “add value.”

Candidates must have a keen interest in blockchain and finance. Specifically, he/she should be keen on how technology can change how financial markets operate today.

Goldman Sachs Forays into Blockchain and DLT

Traditional companies with multi-billion valuation are receptive to blockchain and DLT.

As a technology that powers near facets–the most notable being cryptocurrency, it has near-infinite possibilities.  Of the over 4,500 projects as per trackers, most projects are keen on creating an efficient, traceable form of value transfer assets. Still, some have found immense success as being platforms integrating smart contracts for asset tokenization and extension beyond simple remittance.

For the diversity and depth in blockchain and DLT, companies are sensing opportunity. Goldman Sachs is one of them. Their previous reports painted a picture of skepticism, especially on Bitcoin. In May 2020, the investment bank, in an investor call, laid out five reasons why cryptocurrencies are not asset classes.  

Nonetheless, the firm revealed plans for creating their version of Bitcoin in an interview with CNBC. This is because there is “an uptick in interest” across some of their institutional clients “who are exploring how they can participate in this space.”

Last year, BTCManagereported of Goldman Sachs’ plans of open-sourcing its proprietary securities trading and risk management software to crowdsource new use cases and earn the loyalty of computer-driven traders.

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