Litecoin To Surpass Bitcoin Cash This Year

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee yesterday tweeted that he expects Litecoin to surpass Bitcoin Cash by the end of 2018. Critics consider the recent hard work by the Litecoin team – forging partnerships and pushing for the cryptocurrency to be adopted for use on a number of platforms – as a reasonable step towards a potential increase in value. But will it be enough to overtake BCH?

Merchant implementation

Rumours abound that Litecoin is set to launch LitePal later in the year. The proposed service will function in a similar way to PayPal, allowing merchants to process transactions for a small fee, but utilising the Litecoin blockchain instead. It’s a bold and innovative step towards pushing LTC into the mainstream, and precisely the sort of move that could kickstart activity around Litecoin, thereby pushing up its value.

Following Bitcoin

As the name implies, Litecoin was based on the original Bitcoin, and generally follows the same market principles and trends as the current crypto #1 – albeit in a scaled-down way. However, Litecoin has began to offer its own innovation in recent months, and this can only lead to predictable, stable growth, without the sort of volatility witnessed by Bitcoin owners and fans during recent times.

A great time to hold, a great time to buy

Crypto traders who are currently holding Litecoin are at an advantage, as the currency is predicted by many experts to continue on a slow, upward trajectory throughout the year. Those considering getting in the action are advised to do so sooner rather than later, as further big announcements are expected from Charlie Lee and the rest of the team – many of which are being kept tightly under wraps.

In short, the worst possible thing to do right now is to offload Litecoin – if you’ve got it, keep it; if you want it, buy it. It’s that simple.


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