London's Bubble Escorts now Accepts Bitcoin Payments”

Cryptocurrencies are making inroads in virtually every sector as of right now. Unsurprisingly the escort industry also sees the merit of this form of money. Bubble Escorts now accepts cryptocurrency in exchange for services offered by their escorts. It is a very positive development, although one that will undoubtedly get a lot of negative attention.

Bubble Escorts proves to be a rather interesting company. Their rate to hire an escort is on the steep side of the spectrum. With a price tag of 120 GBP an hour, it is not exactly a cheap undertaking by any means. To make this offer even more appealing, the company now accepts Bitcoin payments as well. Users exploring this option will need to pay upfront, though, for obvious reasons.

Bubble Escorts Makes a Curious Decision

In doing so, the company becomes the first escort agency in London to deal with cryptocurrencies The decision comes as a big surprise, but for the company, it makes sense. More specifically, they want to continue to revolutionize the escort industry in every way possible. Accepting cryptocurrency payments appears to be a logical step for the company in this regard. Still, it remains an interesting choice by Bubble Escorts.

According to the company, Bitcoin payments will make their business stand out. Bubble Escorts clients can pay for adult companionship services in a very discreet way. Although Bitcoin is not anonymous by any means, it does offer pseudonymity to users. More importantly, there are no cash transactions or payment cards involved to leave a paper trail. For some of the company’s clients, this may prove to be a welcome change.

Whether or not other escort agencies will accept cryptocurrencies in the future, remains to be seen. At this time, that seems like an unlikely outcome. Then again, if Bubble Escort proves to be successful in this venture, others will have no choice but to follow suit. There is an interesting correlation between Bitcoin and the adult companionship industry, that much is evident.

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