A well-known investor reports that the future of Bitcoin

Tim Draper, founder of the venture company Draper Fisher Jurvetson, says that the world needs a new kind of currency. Speaking in Stanford, California, Draper, an early Bitcoin investor, talked with Bloomberg TV about his confidence in the crypto currency.

Draper lost about forty thousand Bitcoin on the Mt. Gox, it's about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars at that time. He told Bloomberg TV that his initial response to the hacking was that it would be the end of Bitcoin and the crypto currency.

With information that Bitcoin could potentially fall below a thousand dollars, at a price of nine thousand dollars, Draper said:

"Bitcoin is the currency of the future, why should I sell the future for the sake of the past? Why should I hold something that is controlled by any whim of the government? "

As for the growth of Bitcoin, Draper argued that:

"The world currency market is eighty six trillion dollars. I think it will be a crypto currency. I think that a very large part of this will be a crypto currency. "

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