3 Reasons Why TRON (TRX) Main Net Exodus Will Change Everything

TRON (TRX)–TRON’s Main Net launch update, titled Exodus, will mark the start of the cryptocurrency functioning on its exclusive blockchain. As of now, Exodus is targeted to go live on March 31st, and will bring a host of new features and increased utility for the TRX coin.

Unmatched Utility for TRX

TRON founder Justin Sun tweeted the ways in which the Exodus Main Net will make TRON a top contender as one of the most usable currencies on the market place. The features include:

Most of the enthusiasm surrounding cryptocurrency for the past year has been over price speculation and the profits made from 10,000%+ appreciations in value. However, this emphasis on price and profit is going to create a myopic industry that is not healthy in the long run. The claims of Ponzi scheme, Tulip mania, and Internet bubble are not that far off from characterizing the state of cryptocurrency. If the focus does not shift towards utility and implementation as a tool to solve real-world problems, then cryptocurrency will continue to decline into a niche, technological side project. TRON’s Main Net is ensuring that TRX does not fall into a similar trap of stagnation. The emphasis that Justin Sun and his team have placed upon TRX development is one clearly focused towards usability.

Differentiating TRON from the Market

The field of cryptocurrency is littered with transaction-based tokens and ERC-20 derivatives. TRON’s departure from the Ethereum network onto its own platform for Exodus creates a novel space for the currency to exist. Other cryptocurrencies can be built upon the Exodus network, much like how a number of coins use Ethereum as their basis. This increases the ways in which TRON can be developed as a currency, and adds to the growing usability of TRX. However, it also positions TRON as a flagship technology in its own right. Sun has created a strong vision for what TRX is attempting to accomplish: disrupting the entertainment industry and overhauling the way these various platforms conduct business, from gaming to social media.

Big expectations and bold objectives create an equal amount of supporters and detractors. Most of the FUD surrounding TRON is the product of investors burned in the fall from January’s all time high. If you bought into TRX at 0.30 USD and sold for an 80% loss at the current price of 0.05 USD, that’s not TRON’s fault. The whole industry is having to mature past pure price speculation and bad investment practices. With the Exodus launch, TRON is attempting to differentiate itself from the majority of copycat currencies and dying projects bottle-necking the industry. Sun has already laid out how the utility of TRX on Main Net will have the ability to compete as a top five currency moving forward. The next logical step is for TRON to change public perception and investor interest in the currency from strictly being another ERC-20 token to something innovative and in a class of its own.

Building a Platform for Success

The big goals for disruption that TRON has outlined through Exodus are starting to take the mold of similarly titanic, industry-changing companies. For every person who worships at the altar of Elon Musk, there are detractors who say Tesla is bound to fail and that Space-X will never make it to Mars. For all the love Steve Jobs and Apple have received as the industry leader in personal-use phones and computers, there are many more who make it their mission to tear down the iPhone. Big projects breed fierce competition. TRON is going after something so big, it’s hard to fully understand the ramifications of the entertainment industry being disrupted. Part of the confusion surrounding the white paper fiasco is a simple lack of understanding in the vision that Justin Sun has for TRON. But, suffice to say, blockchain and cryptocurrency represent two highly revolutionary technologies that have thus far been underutilized. Consider the big draw for Bitcoin: That you can spend it like money, without having to use government fiat. Great, but how useful is it as a currency? How does it function in the real world? What advantage does a person have using Bitcoin instead of their debit card? These are hard questions for crypto-investors to face and, as of now, have yet to develop solid answers for.

TRON is in a similar position. Outside of TRON Dogs and a growing list of potential partnerships, the implementation for TRX is not setting the industry-standard in the way that Ripple has managed to integrate through the financial industry. That could change with Exodus.

We have already outlined the ways in which TRX will immediately become a top-5 usable currency. The platform for success has been established, it’s now time for TRON to fulfill its potential as a industry-changing currency.

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