Blokchein will help in the development of artificial intelligence

Neuromation, in partnership with Blockchain Longenesis, wants to improve AI in the healthcare industry.

Distributed synthetic data platform Neuromation and Blockchain Longenesis announced the beginning of cooperation in the field of creating a data system based on the block system, designed to improve artificial intelligence (AI, AI) in the healthcare industry.

Artificial intelligence will think about our health

Maxim Prasolov, Director General of Neuromation, commented on the beginning of cooperation: "The main goal of Longenesis is to create a global data market that will help provide personalized, but at the same time, secure data for application developers for healthcare. Therefore, the missions of Neuromation and Longenesis complement each other … Together we will lead to the application of AI in medicine and healthcare, both the data and the computing power required for learning AI models … We lay the foundation for a future world of individual health based on artificial intelligence. "

The project Neuromation invested more than 70 million dollars through the ICO.

The representative of Longenesis Alex Zhavoronkov explained: "Firstly, we will train deep neural networks. We need computational power, and we are striving to redesign the equipment for developing crypto currency for this. Secondly, in order to generate synthetic data, we must train in a balanced and diverse manner. Neuromation is an obvious consumer of data and can be part of the market, "reports

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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