Technology strategist Cisco: Blockchain – is the democratization of innovation

Anup Nunnra, technology strategist at Cisco's Corporate Strategic Innovation Group, said that while "the Internet is a democratized access to information, Blockchain is" actually the democratization of innovation. "

He declared:

"If you look at innovation within Blockchain itself, at the protocol level, at the intellectual contract level and even in the register itself, what you will see is a global impact on people's ability to deliver value into these spaces through technology".

Apparently, referring to the phenomena of ICO, which collected billions of dollars to finance new projects, he said:

"We see that innovation is happening on every continent, and what's fascinating is the growing collaboration and innovation with open source."

Cisco united with the giant of the shipping industry

According to Nunnra, Cisco has headed the Trusted IoT Alliance with a technology giant, focusing on the use of Blockchain in the shipping industry.

Blockchain technology combined with other achievements, such as sensors, GPS and the like, can provide a record of events that can not be corrected. This will automatically show when supplies were made, by whom and in what direction.

Since this record can not be changed, the final results for the evaluation will not be based on subjective bias or fake online ratings.

The shipping industry, at the moment, is leading in the application of technology. However, at the same time, the energy and automotive industries are not lagging behind and expanding the scope of Blockchain.

Author: Olga Novikova, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News
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