$108 Million Worth of BTC Shifted to Unknown Wallet – Price Dump Round the Corner?

Yesterday, it was made known that a massive transaction had gone down on the bitcoin blockchain. In fact, more than 13 thousand bitcoin worth over a million dollars was shifted into an unknown wallet.

Bitcoin Whales

Depending on how new you are to the crypto space, you will have most likely heard about Crypto whales. 

The above is a good example of a bitcoin whale.

The term ‘whale’ is given to an investor or trader that have a very big amount of crypto funds and partakes in very big transactions. So when compared to other financial sectors, the crypto market is pretty small.

Some have sparked predictions for the price of Bitcoin following this transaction with others indicating that the coins were prepared for selling. The increased activity could also mean that a rally is around the corner too. Whereas this isn’t all that unusual of a transaction, whales moving coins is a rare occurrence.

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