Bitcoin Cash [BCH] partners with FuzeX, aims to climb the cryptocurrency adoption ladder

On 23rd July, FuzeX, the smart e-Card company announced that they had signed a partnership with to ensure the addition of Bitcoin Cash to the FuzeX system. The company first came into light when they revealed that they were the first card company in the world that gave users the opportunity to check real-time cryptocurrency balance. According to FuzeX, interested parties will be able to get their hands on the card post-September 2018.

Jaehun Bae, the FuzeX project leader stated:

“Considering the issues of transaction speed and fee, we decided that Bitcoin Core did not fit the philosophy of FuzeX. So we decided to drop BTC and replace it with Bitcoin Cash, which has a much faster transaction speed and a cheaper transaction fee.”

Bitcoin Cash became a reality after a hard fork from Bitcoin in August 2017. The main advocates of the hard fork wanted a bigger block size amounting to 8MB on the blockchain compared to the existing 1MB on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The hard fork was led by Roger Ver who is now the CEO of Bitcoin Cash is preferred by some users because of its higher scalability and faster transactions speeds. Bitcoin Cash also asks for lower transaction fees compared to the Bitcoin which makes it enticing to users.

Post the announcement of the partnership, Roger Ver commented:

“We are happy that this partnership will help Bitcoin Cash lovers all around the world use BCH as an everyday currency. Bitcoin Core, which is more expensive, slower and less reliable is thus unusable in the FuzeX payment system. It will be dropped and replaced by BCH as the base currency on the platform.”

Roger Ver has also gone ahead and stated that and FuzeX will work together so that users can be the final beneficiaries. FuzeX believes that Bitcoin Cash will be able to make the service more “useful and pragmatic”. According to the officials of FuzeX, the company will partner with Bitcoin Cash to further develop the cryptocurrency ecosystem with a slew of products in the pipeline.

Cryptocurrency users who support Bitcoin Cash are out to create awareness of the coin’s versatility and transaction speed. Reports show that Roger Ver has gained a cult following on Twitter who makes sure his tweets circulate throughout the cryptosphere.

John AP, a Reddit user commented:

“Compared to the development occurring in other cryptocurrencies, I think Bitcoin cash is leaps and bounds ahead of others. I wholeheartedly support what Roger Ver is doing and hope that BCH becomes a big thing.”

At the time of writing, BCH is trading at $859.53 with a market cap of about $14 billion. BCH has seen a hike of 5.94% in the past 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap.


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