‘Bitcoin is Unique Invention’- People Fail to Understand

People Not Familiar With the Inclusion of Finance With Technology

In the present-day era, technology is growing at breakneck speed and a digital representation of the real world is on the toes. Moreover, the financial space is also outspread attracting newbies too. But sad to say, the people who are having less knowledge in the financial world and technical aspects stake a lion’s share.

Recently, an anonymous crypto analyst who predicts a $100 trillion value for Bitcoin conducted a survey. The survey was intended to know, what exactly were the people who are well-acquainted with financial concepts and have programming skills. Rotten luck hit hard when only 13 percent of the people fell in this range.

The others either were not from the financial world but knew to program. Some were from the financial background but can’t program. But the people with no knowledge of finance neither programming were dominant in the survey with more than 40 percent.

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Bitcoin Still a Taboo in Finance World

The two big industries in the world, Finance and Technology, when incorporated could revolutionize both the sectors. But unfortunately, the distinguished people in both the fields lag knowledge in the other sectors.

Most financial managers do not take the effort to read the white paper. And most of the techy people have no monetary knowledge. And hence, this could be one of the reasons that Bitcoin could be undervalued.

However, huge opportunities await for the people who are familiar with both the concepts. These people could possibly undergo a makeover of their finances and with the knowledge of programming. Moreover, they probably can even secure their funds too.

Summarizing the story, the gap between the financial and the technical world needs to be filled to revolutionize the monetary system. A very basic understanding of sound money, cryptography, network effects, etc, with investing a little time is required to keep head above the water.

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