Bitcoin Record Price To be Hit Mid 2018: Thomas Lee

After giving out signals that the cryptocurrency market could have recovered from the major dip throughout January, prices failed to stabilize and the last days were not that heart-warming for any crypto-enthusiast. However, various experts are not that much finding the per-moment decline of any concern. Thomas Lee – Fundstrat Global Advisors partner, has put his forecast out that many digital currencies will experience record highs later on this year.

The crypto-market is more difficult to be predicted than ever before. The moment that it seems everything is getting back together and catching the green gaining ride, token price retrace speedy backwards. The global-scale market in the last deep-dive has declines for around $80 mil.

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Proportionally with temperatures being the highest, Lee predicts that record peaks will be hit during July this year for at least all leading coins in the list by market capitalization. It is obvious that there is still much of an climbing momentum left in all the coins to be showcased which could mean that Thomas Lee is right, however in markets with the volatility of the ones we are speaking about – concluding in a logical way hardly ever turn out to be accurate.

According to Thomas Lee, it will take 85 days for the Bitcoin price to recover. As such, that would mean big things will happen in May and June. Reaching a new all-time high can take a while, though. July seems to be a fair target for a new record Bitcoin price. Whether or not surpassing $19,000 is feasible throughout 2018, remains to be determined.

Keeping in mind the analysts words, the best to do for now is hold and see how the market will surprise us. Various individuals do enter the trading-ecosystem of cryptos with the reason of gaining and grasping quick profit. If you are keeping in your wallet big-leading coins and did just enter the trading and investing area of the network, then rolling back and researching about how the prices evolved in the recent years that were left behind, could give you a strong reason to hold and wait. A very welcoming forecast if things turn out real in July 2018.

Trade safely and do not overtrade!

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