Blockstream Unveils ‘Plug-and-Play’ Liquid Network-based Security Token Issuance Platform | BTCMANAGER

Bitcoin infrastructure developer Blockstream has debuted a security token issuance platform based on its Liquid Network. The platform will allow companies to deploy tokenized securities without having to worry about computer programming and regulatory requirements.

Liquid Securities: Blockstream Introduces STO as a Service

In a blog post published on Wednesday (May 15, 2019), Samson Mow, the chief strategy officer (CSO) at Blocksream announced the new Liquid Securities platform. According to the announcement, the new platform allows companies to create and issue security tokens based on the company’s Liquid Network at the click of a button.

Commenting on the development, BnkToTheFuture CEO, Simon Dixon declared:

“This is a completely new field, so building security token applications should be engineering-intensive work. Liquid Securities instead provides us with everything we need to get going out-of-the-box, helping us to get our token issuances to market faster. The fact that Liquid is built by one of the most accomplished teams in the Bitcoin industry gives us even more confidence in the service’s future.”

API Integration and Multisig Functionality

The Liquid Securities platform allows companies to issue security tokens without having to wonder about navigating the complex worlds of computer programming and statutory regulatory provisions.

According to Mow, the platform has built-in features that allow companies to develop robust rules that guide the token ownership process which can be tweaked to suit the securities regulations existing in any jurisdiction.

Instead of having to develop these rules via smart contracts that require coding skills, companies can use the intuitive control panel on the platform to create and edit token rules quite easily. There are also features that allow companies to offer the platform as a service to their users, via the Liquid Securities API.

New FinCEN Guidelines Might Cause Pivot Towards STOs

Blockstream’s latest offering comes at a time when token issuers, especially in the U.S., might have to abandon utility token plans and adopt security token offerings (STOs). The recently published guidelines by the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) recognizes utility token ICOs as money services businesses (MSBs).

Giving a breakdown of the guideline, cryptocurrency legal expert identified utility token issuers as being in a tough spot as their tokens might be free from securities regulations but that simply puts them in the path of FinCEN and needing to register as money transmitters.

On the whole, token issuers might prefer to pivot towards security token offerings which many experts say is the future of blockchain-based fundraising.

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