Cardano News: FAQ Video About Ledger Integration In The Yoroi Extension

Cardano has been really busy lately, and the community could not be more excited.

Now, the team behind Cardano retweeted a really useful video about the Ledger integration in the Yoroi extension. Check out the video below.

Someone exclaimed: “Great work!!!!! I’ve upgraded my ledger byron wallet to Shelley, transferred and staked flawlessly. I love it!!”

A follower said: “So excited to get home and start staking!! Seriously, Sebastian (and team), we know this has been so much work and not very easy and we really appreciate everything you are doing for this community!”

When someone asked this: “Question: when I have for example a Total amount of 5000 Ada. I want to send one ada to an Exchange with my Ledger it first says confirm one ada and after that confirm 5000 Ada the Total amount. Is that ok or is it something to worry About? Regards,” the response was that all the necessary info is in the video.

Cardano’s next epoch begins today

The other day, we were discussing that the Shelley upgrade will be definitely taking the project to the moon, and all that the ADA enthusiasts are waiting to see is the price of the coin to reflect this success as well.

Now, the Cardano community made an important announcement on social media, and you can also check it out below.

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CoinMarketCap is a website that provides cryptocurrency market cap rankings, charts, and more. It was purchased by Binance for $400M in 2020.

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