Cardano News: First Decentralized Voting Will Take Place Next Month

As Cardano enthusiasts may already know by now, the decentralization of the project is still a top priority.

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK and Cardano founder said in a recent video that the voting system for Voltaire is the very top priority for the project.

Cardano voting comes in October

Crypto News Flash online publication made sure to highlight the fact that the voting system for making suggestions for enhancements and funding will be available in September. In other words, the first vote for all the ADA holders will be taking place next month.

Hoskinson said that “So October will have a vote, but it won’t be great user experience, it will be okay.”

He continued and explained that “You can vote on a cell phone app and then the next round which occurs after October, we will try to do this every 6 weeks, it will be significantly better, that will be probably past the HFC event and we will have the Daedalus support and the cell phone support read to go.”

Check out the video above in order to learn more interesting details.

Cardano in the news

In other news, the other day, Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson released a brief update on the crypto exchange Bittrex.

The Cardano community also tweeted about this:

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