Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Says “Gerolamo” Can Compete With IBM’s Fabric

Cardano is in the news again following a recent video of Charles Hoskinson.

The inventor of Cardano, spoke in a new video about the “permissioned vs. permissionless” architecture and the onboarding strategy based on it for corporate customers and government agencies, according to the latest reports coming from Crypto News Flash.

Permissioned system for using DLT

He noted various reasons including regulatory uncertainty, for which companies and government agencies initially prefer a permissioned system when planning to use a Distributed Ledger.

He said that the market leader in this area is without a doubt IBM’s Fabric. This provides a permissioned system in which the companies have control over the consensus.

The online publication mentioned above noted the following example: Walmart is using Fabric and “forces” suppliers within the food supply chain to participate in the system, while Walmart remains in control.

It’s been also reported that this system is in contrast to Cardano’s permissionless blockchain – this one gets its consensus from the community.

On the other hand, it’s also important to mention the fact that in order to attract corporate customers, IOHK wrote the code for Cardano in a way that is blockchain-agnostic, according to the reports.

Here comes Atala – the permissioned system that’s used for this purpose.

Hoskinson explained that both blockchains, Atala and Cardano, are interoperable with each other. This makes it likely that companies will be moving to Cardano’s permissionless infrastructure over a partnership:

“These deals we talk around, for example the Georgia deal, gives us 50,000 new users per year minimum and has the potential to scale to one hundreds of thousands, potentially getting in the tourism industry, where there are 10 million tourists per year.”

Check out more exciting details about the whole issue in the original article.

Recently, Cardano revealed an exciting piece of news – the first vote for all the ADA holders will be taking place next month.

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