CoinGecko Users Can Now Donate Rewards To Nonprofits Through Crypto Donation Platform The Giving Block

Crypto data-tracking platform CoinGecko is now allowing users to donate their crypto loyalty rewards to nonprofits in need through crypto donation platform, The Giving Block.

CoinGecko is a crypto data-tracking platform that provides analysis of market capitalization and price volume. It has been the trusted source of information for millions of cryptocurrency investors since 2014. Its mission is to empower the cryptocurrency community with a 360-degree overview of the market.

The Giving Block equips nonprofits to fundraise cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, providing education, training and a technical solution. They advise nonprofits on crypto fundraising platforms, strategies or connect them with partner crypto organizations, strengthening their brand in the cryptocurrency industry.

CoinGecko Candy is a user loyalty rewards program that lets anyone collect Candy points in exchange for exclusive CoinGecko merchandise and limited edition items, vouchers and more. Users can now donate directly on the CoinGecko platform to non-profit organizations that collaborate with The Giving Block.

According to CoinGecko, crypto rewards systems can revolutionize donations for charity, particularly at a time when nonprofits urgently need support. Reward points have traditionally been used for things like holidays, flights or products. Now CoinGecko users can use their rewards to make a difference, including by providing remote education for children or empowering Black communities via financial inclusion.

“Cryptocurrencies have opened the possibility for humans to do good in a direct way,” said Bobby Ong, CEO of CoinGecko. “One of the many benefits of cryptocurrency is the ability to send value directly to those in need, changing how charity is done in a way never seen before. We’re proud to work with The Giving Block on this initiative to empower our community to be a force of good.”

The Giving Block said that they see the partnership as an opportunity to also elevate awareness about the tax incentives associated with donating cryptocurrency.

“Millions of HODLers sell crypto at a profit each year while donating to nonprofits with a credit card, throwing away money they could be saving on taxes. Savvy investors donate stocks for the same reason,” said Pat Duffy, Co-Founder of The Giving Block. “As one of the planet’s largest aggregators of crypto price data, CoinGecko is an ideal partner for us to get the word out about how we can use crypto for good, helping nonprofits and saving investors money.”

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