Crypto-Related Jobs Grow Thanks to Goldman Sachs and its Firm Circle

The cryptocurrency industry is growing and with it new jobs are being created. Blockchain experts, cryptocurrency analysts and programmers are the most common jobs related to this growing environment. Goldman Sachs firm Circle, will create 100 new cryptocurrency jobs.

Circle Invests in Cryptocurrency Workers

Goldman Sachs is one of the most important investment banks in the world with $42.2 billion dollars’ revenue. As interest for cryptocurrencies grew during the last year, and it is expected to keep growing in 2018, Circle is preparing for the increased future demand. 

Some time ago, we wrote at UseTheBitcoin that Circle acquired Poloniex in order to expand in the cryptocurrency world. Circle wants to finish with the bad customer support that Poloniex had and improve the services. It is important to remark that Poloniex was suffering from degraded performance and a support team that could not even answer in months.

So as to achieve the goals proposed by Circle, it is going to create new 100 crypto-related jobs. This will allow Circle improve Poloniex support team and avoid future service outages.

Erik Voorhes, CEO of digital asset exchange ShapeShift, commented about this deal:

“I think this is a really good sign for the industry. It shows that a lot of companies are going to start consolidating and that will bring out the best talent. I think you are going to see a lot of that in 2018. These companies have so much capital at this point.”

Circle is trying to improve its services and include cryptocurrencies to its investment strategy. At the moment, Circle offers investments, trading solutions and other services. Cryptocurrencies are the next step for their strategy, and they are working on it.

Apparently, the company wants to keep a stable growth rather than increase artificially their earnings. Building a stable and solid base for future growth is not easy. At the moment, the cryptocurrency market is not in the best moment. Bitcoin was recently traded under $8,000 and there are no clear signs about what can happen. Circle is patient and is strategically investing in its future.

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