Cyber Physical Chain (CPChain) Introduces a new and Effective System for Secure Transactions

CPChain is ready to make cross chain transaction effective, secure and transparent. The firm is aiming to achieve this, through the introduction of the RNode Ecosystem, which is specifically designed to suit such purpose.

Transforming the industry

In other to boost and further scale its network, Cyber Physical Chain, the full scale decentralized data infrastructure, recently announced the introduction of the latest model in its franchise, called the RNode.

The unique masternode ecosystem structure is explicitly designed to help transform the industry in ways more than one. The RNode will help increase profit, trust, decentralization and offer transparency which will, in turn, build users confidence and create a bond between the user and the firm.

Furthermore, it will help to improve the security and privacy of the cross –chain transactions, while also enhancing the overall performance of all transactions.

Stating the reason for the development of the new ecosystem and its features, the Chief Executive Officer of CPChain Dr. Long Chengnian noted that :

‘’ Launching the RNode ecosystem structure represent a huge step towards helping to improve the effectiveness of cross-chain transactions and level of accountability provided to users /CPC token holders. By leveraging the IoT and adding on a new reputation verification layer to the typical masternode structure, we are helping to ensure more efficiency and alleviate any of the concerns typically associated with these types of cross-chain transaction’’.

A new ecosystem

The desire of the firm to increase the token offered to its teeming users was one of the main reason for the launch of the new ecosystem. The RNode will allow users to manage all their data during the purchase of the tokens on the firm’s PDash platform.
The unique system is designed to allow users to view and upload it for sale, reward the unique and valid transactions while punishing the fraudulent transactions.

The CPChain token since inception has received support from major players in the industry. The token is proudly supported by Trusted IOT Alliance (TIOTA), Qtum, Vechain, Metaverse, and others too numerous to mention.

To further market and add voice to it, the firm has entered into a partnership agreement with MarziPR, a global and reputable public relations platform.

CPchain is a Chinese based distributed infrastructure platform with the primary purpose of integrating blockchain and encryption via cloud storage. The firm focuses on security, scalability and to solve the major issues facing blockchain in the industry.

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