Datarius: First Social P2P Cryptobank Set to Launch Final ITO Stretch in March

Datarius Cryptobank has already finished two stages of its initial token offering (ITO): the closed round that ended on December 9, 2017 and the pre-sale round which completed on December 31, 2017. Now it is preparing for the final stage of the ITO, which is set to kick off on March 5, 2018. The first social cryptobank offers the financial world freedom, sociality, transparency, and independence.

The project aims to join lenders, borrowers, and related service sector groups (managers, analysts, funds, etc.) in one place in the most effective way. Datarius will provide access to a decentralized, P2P system of financial services for a wide audience.

Datarius is the only cryptoproject that integrates such social functions as Trust Limit and Trust Management. Any user can provide access to a certain amount of funds at one time to a specific user or a group of users. The users will no longer need to constantly log into their accounts to make small similar transactions.

Clients will be able to have their transactions processed from any spot in the world within seconds, without any additional costs or restrictions imposed by central banks and jurisdictions.

Additionally, anybody will now have the opportunity to receive credit lines from other countries, meaning that a citizen of the Russian Federation can choose a loan with a lower interest rate in Western Europe. The P2P system makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of such services, while blockchain technology will take care of transaction security and transparency.

The reduction in operation costs may reach 30% compared to traditional bank fees as Datarius Cryptobank does not charge additionally for product servicing.

“Primary mission of Datarius cryptobank is creation of really social P2P-system that would make use of full potential of decentralized financial technology within the framework of cryptocurrency payment system and real life,” comments COO Aleksey Vuyko.

Datarius ITO details

The pre-sale stage of the Datarius crowdsale ended on December 31, 2017, exceeding the soft cap as it reached $353,428 against a $125,000 target. The main stage of the ITO is scheduled to start on March 5, 2018 with a soft cap of $1 million.  The sale will close on April 5, 2018, or as soon as the hard cap of $51 million is reached. If you’re interested in the project, you can visit the official website or subscribe to the team’s updates on Twitter and Telegram.

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