eBitcoin Multiple Payment Solution

The 21st century has seen a shift in consumers increasingly leading fast-paced lifestyles. Indeed, for many, time is the new luxury.

The eBitcoin Foundation is an innovative crypto platform paving the way towards mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. To appeal to the mases, saving time is at the forefront of the Foundation’s mission. It also aspires to be user-friendly and accessible. eBitcoin’s new Proxy Wallet certainly delivers.

The pioneering Proxy Wallet is the only wallet that supports eBTC’s ‘Multi Payment Solution’. eBTC MPS is unique as no other smart contract, including Ethereum, has the capability to make multiple payments in a single transaction. For the first time, eBTC holders will be able to make multiple payments to up to 255 recipients with a single transaction.

Following is the video of eBTC’s ‘Multi Payment Solution’ at work supported by ProxyCard Wallet

This groundbreaking development will save users heaps of time and is also energy efficient. The eBitcoin Foundation anticipates user-friendly advancements that are in the pipeline along with this multi-payment solution will aid mass adoption.

With a growing team of over 70 people from around the world, eBitcoin’s sustainable Ecosystem provides simple and secure ways to store, spend, and use cryptocurrencies.

eBitcoin Foundation has recently announced ProxyCard (ePRX) 1:1 airdrop on 17th March.

With the help of both communities’ and teams’ hard work, ePRX will be the most valuable airdropped token due to the following reasons:

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