Education Tokens (LEDU) Now Listed on and Bibox – Chance to Win One of Three Teslas

Education tokens (LEDU) are now listed for trade on and Bibox cryptocurrency exchanges.

Education Ecosystem (LiveEdu) CEO, Dr. Michael J. Garbade had this to say, “As ICO contributors know, due to legal restrictions we could not start work with centralized exchange listings until our ICO Round I was closed. This issue slowed us down, but we have made progress with the help of our advisors. We have already closed deals with two exchanges where Education tokens will be listed, namely Bibox,” lists LEDU tokens with ETH and USDT pairs, while Bibox lists LEDU with ETH and BTC pairs. The Education Ecosystem team is also in discussion with other exchanges and more announcements are expected to follow soon.

Both and Bibox will give away a Tesla Model S and Education tokens if you participate in the trading and deposit competitions. You can be the owner of a brand-new Tesla.

Token name: Education
Symbol: LEDU
Token address: 0x5b26C5D0772E5bbaC8b3182AE9a13f9BB2D03765
Decimals: 8

Some of the Reasons to Buy Education Tokens include:

1)Education Ecosystem (LiveEdu) has an existing beta product with an established monetization model and seasoned team. The team has extensive sector domain expertise in the education and video streaming space. Moreover, the team has worked for two years building LiveEdu. They have all the ingredients in place to scale the network and business in the coming months.

2) The Education Ecosystem is a marketplace that organically generates token demand through monthly subscription purchases. Education token price will not be driven only by financial speculators on exchanges but by actual product usage and company growth.

3) Currently, there is no established professional development platform or online education company that is focused on teaching people to build projects in future technology fields: artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, game development, data science, cryptocurrencies, programming, design, and augmented and virtual reality. They want nothing less than to be the place to go for professional development, no matter what country you are from.

4) A percentage of all tokens spent on subscriptions annually are burned, removing them from circulation and increasing the value of all remaining tokens.

About Education Token (LEDU)

Education Token (LEDU) is an ERC20 token residing on the Ethereum blockchain. It is used to power the Education Ecosystem and is a key component of their plan to disrupt the $306 billion professional development industry using the blockchain. Education tokens are used as payment for all financial transactions in the internal ecosystem, as well as rewards for project creators, learners, site moderators, and API ecosystem developers. Education tokens are also used for governance, giving users the power to vote on the future of the platform – not just what projects are being created, but the features that the development team implements and what new project topics to support. Education tokens will also be used in the external ecosystem to drive transactions with businesses, schools, libraries, colleges and online education companies.

Buy education tokens (LEDU) now on and Bibox!

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How to Buy Education Tokens (LEDU):

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