Eligma Aims to Streamline Online Shopping Experience Using Blockchain and AI

The project aims to create an AI-driven commerce platform to optimize the online shopping experience.

E-commerce has been booming over the past decade, pushing the traditional retail sector to a new level of convenience and accessibility. However, this has proved to be a double-edged sword. With a myriad of online stores existing today, people have to waste lots of time and energy to find exactly what they need at the best price. Besides, numerous e-store accounts create much confusion for consumers. Finally, there are still very few online outlets that accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

E-commerce platform with Artificial Intelligence

Eligma has been designed as a technological response to current retail and e-commerce problems caused by the abundance of products offered online. It aims to simplify the shopping experience and provide customers with completely new solutions to search, buy, track, and sell items online.

The team behind this project has created а revolutionary cognitive commerce platform developed to act as a personal commerce agent. It does so by connecting existing online stores and second-hand marketplaces into a one-point-stop so that users can shop from any store in the world or find out the best time to sell some of their household items. This has been made possible by the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies.

The Eligma platform will facilitate product discovery, enabling customers to find exactly what they need. While looking for the right product globally, the AI-driven platform will be taking into account its knowledge about the user and all product specifications and characteristics required by the person. In this way, it will optimize the search results and save the customer time and money.

Besides, Eligma offers a unified shopping account and a single shopping cart for all online stores at once. Moreover, its cryptocurrency transaction system EliPay will promote digital money by enabling customers to make transactions in crypto even with online stores that have not yet adopted such a solution. They announced to start the testing of cryptocurrencies transaction system in the first Bitcoin City in the world – BTC City Ljubljana, where shoppers will be able conduct crypto transactions for everyday shopping in this diverse shopping center, located in Slovenia.

Apart from being able to purchase items, users will be able to learn the projected current and future value of merchandise thanks to the platform’s AI-based price prediction function. Thus, it will help people choose the best time to sell.

Finally, Eligma will offer users a decentralized universal loyalty program rewarding them with its ELI tokens for certain activities performed on the platform. These tokens can then be utilized in payment for some of the platform features. Every merchant is also free to join this loyalty program.

Eligma ICO details

Now the project aims to raise funds by offering the community its ERC20 tokens and aims to reach a hard cap of $24 million. Early contributors are invited to join the ELI token presale that starts on March 20 and ends on April 10. The public crowdsale is slated to begin on April 17 and will run until May 8.

The ICO exchange rate of 1 ELI is set at $0.1. The total supply of ELI tokens is limited to 500 million, of which only 300 million (60%) will be available for sale and distribution in the ICO. Tokens left over from the crowdsale phase will be transferred into a fund dedicated to rewarding platform users.

If you are interested in the ICO, visit the official website or subscribe to the project’s updates on Twitter and Telegram.

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