Exenium; A Chatbot Powered Multiplatform Cryptocurrency Exchange.

In today’s world, almost everybody owns a smartphone and is active on at least one instant messaging platform. However, the same can’t be said about owning cryptocurrencies or an account on an exchange platform. The number of active cryptocurrency users across the world is limited to a small, close-knit community, and there’s a reason for that.

Most existing cryptocurrency platforms have a cumbersome user-interface capable of confusing even a seasoned user. A new user will feel overwhelmed by it and find cryptocurrencies complicated. But the problems don’t end there and aren’t confined to just new users. The security of existing platforms has the community members always concerned about the next hack or a DDoS attack that can result in loss of funds and profits respectively.

The Solution: Exenium

Exenium is a cryptocurrency exchange platform condensed into a chatbot. The platform is designed to provide a highly secure, robust and user-friendly crypto-trading solution to the masses. The platform, integrated into some of the leading instant messaging applications offers an all-too-familiar user interface which can be readily used by anyone who has ever used a smartphone.

The security architecture of Exenium makes it capable of withstanding sustained DDoS attacks, hacking attempts and increased user-demand. With its security being equated to that of Swiss banks, the platform’s order handling capacity of around 10000 per second can be compared to that of mainstream financial platforms and some of the payment processors.

Like any other blockchain ecosystem, Exenium is powered by its own XNT tokens, which are being offered as a part of the crowdsale. XNT is a utility token and preferred method of payment on the platform. It can be used to pay for a range of services offered on the exchange including new token listings, ITO campaigns, internal exchange services, and trader status acquisition.

The Token

Exenium has a set of processes in place to ensure liquidity and sustained value of the tokens. It encourages users to pay with XNT tokens on the platform to avail a 10% discount on the existing market price. The tokens thus received will be taken out of circulation, thereby matching the demand with supply to encourage a positive price trend. When it comes to listing new crypto assets on the platform, Exenium gives higher priority to XNT matched pairs, so that users get more trading options.

With a dedicated legal team working on ensuring the platform’s compliance with existing laws and regulations, implementation of strict AML and KYC policies, and possession relevant fiat handling licenses, Exenium is doing everything right to make XNT a valuable crypto-asset.

Initial Token Offering

The XNT crowdsale is an opportunity for the cryptocurrency community members to be part of a revolutionary shift in cryptocurrency infrastructure. In addition to raising the necessary funds, the ITO will also help Exenium gain more users, driving liquidity. The total emission of XNT tokens will be determined after the end of ITO campaign, and it will account for the total purchase, account bonuses, bounty programs, and developer pools.

Buyers will benefit from the bonus program at every stage of the ITO where they will receive additional bonus tokens (XNTB) alongside the purchased tokens. The ongoing ITO is directly held on the Telegram Messenger (@exenium_bot).

Learn more about Exenium at – https://exenium.io/

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