The Gemini Exchange to Expand Asset Portfolio in 2018

The Winklevoss brothers remain confident in Bitcoin even at the currently depressed prices.

The Gemini exchange, one of the leading US-based marketplaces, plans to expand its limited portfolio in 2018. The most likely additions are Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. So far, no mention has been made of DASH, which months ago was among the leading contenders for representation on large marketplaces, but somehow lost its appeal.

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Gemini may also help to expand the offerings on the CBOE futures exchange, which has tentative plans to offer futures for assets beyond Bitcoin. The agreement for the Gemini exchange to supply data for the futures market of CBOE also includes expansion to other assets.

The Gemini exchange already offers daily auction data for Ethereum:

Gemini has selected digital assets seen as promising and highly liquid. The potential of Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash has been explored by funds like Grayscale in its newest investment vehicles. Additionally, companies like XBT Provider are always in exploratory mode when it comes to adding assets, and have mentioned the same coins as suitable due to liquidity.

But the last few weeks saw the crypto market weaken, causing large-scale drops in Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. This, however, did not worry the founders of Gemini:

“In 2018, you’re really going to see institutions and Wall Street really get in, and it’s going to look very different,” Tyler Winklevoss said for Bloomberg TV.

In March, trading volumes across all markets continued to slide, leading to regular dramatic price swings at the first hint of selling. Ethereum has been affected, and has fallen away from its peak levels, despite the generally bullish expectations for overall performance in 2018.

After the unusual gains in December, some assets managed to keep their gains better than others, and there is hardly any mention of staking serious investments on hot, but thinly traded coins. Assets like TRON (TRX), Verge (XVG), even NANO (XRB), turned out to correct even more sharply, on much lower volumes. More traditional altcoins survived better in terms of volumes and even acceptance as means of payment.

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