GIFcoin Aims to Cash in on Online Gambling and Share the Profits with You

The project is raising funds to take its online betting platform VitalBet to a new level.

People will never give up their pursuit of strong sensations and the accompanying rush of adrenaline – the hormone that makes us feel alive, energetic, and alert. Some get it from jumping with parachutes, climbing mountains, or chasing dangerous animals. Those who are less inclined to physical activity get their thrills from gambling games. No wonder that the gambling industry’s revenues are growing steadily, with over $500 billion earned in 2017.

The industry is projected to continue its rapid expansion due to the widespread use of the Internet, which allows people to place bets online from anywhere in the world.

Introducing Gambling Investment Fund

GIFcoin, where GIF stands for Gambling Investment Fund, offers players an opportunity to get a share of the enticing profits earned by the online gambling industry.

The GIFcoin project has been created from scratch as the team already has a fully operational online bookmaker: VitalBet, which boasts more than 20,000 active users who enjoy casino games, sports betting, esports, and other games.  VitalBet generates more than $7 million in annual revenues and holds the 71st place in Alexa’s betting sites traffic ranking.

“Our core product is the very pleasure of online gambling at any time and in any place in the world. Briefly, we produce modern IT solutions to allow people to bet online on sports events and on their favorite gambling games. Our aim is to turn betting into a simple, safe, and accessible activity for every user,” the team states in its white paper.

The funds raised during the ICO will allow the team to upgrade VitalBet with new features and tools and substantially increase the customer base through purchasing licenses on big gambling markets, as well as launch a mobile app and market aggressively. A portion of the proceeds will be held as a cold reserve to cover the expenses on winning bets. The company plans to distribute an unprecedented 80% of VitalBet’s net profits to GIF token holders as a reward for their support.

GIFcoin ICO details

GIFcoin launches a public crowdsale on March 16 after a successful private sale. The company plans to distribute 266 million GIF tokens during the ICO out of a total supply of 300 million. GIF is an ERC20 token that will be sent to investors’ ETH wallets immediately after purchase. One ETH will buy you 10,000 GIFs, but those who join the sale in the early stages will be entitled to a bonus ranging from 60% to 10%, depending on how early you join.

If you are interested in this ICO, you can visit the official website or subscribe to the project’s updates on Twitter and Telegram.

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