Irish Primary Schoolers Try Crypto Asset Management

Primary students from Ireland’s Gortskehy National School were given the opportunity to experience crypto asset management in a two-week competition.

A competition organized by blockchain startup Melonport has allowed primary school students from County Mayo in Ireland to get a first-hand experience of cryptocurrencies through digital asset management, IBTimes reported.

From January 31 through to February 14, students from the Gortskehy National School in Roundfort and their parents experienced what it is like to be a hedge fund manager dealing with cryptocurrency assets. The young contestants bought and sold digital currencies using Melon’s secure network in a real-life simulation of portfolio management.

By the end of the contest, more than 700 funds were created, including more than 350 registered funds, Melonport said. At least two of the vehicles placed in the top 10 despite being managed by young, inexperienced students.

The Gortskehy students and their parents have the school principal to thank for the experience as he entered Melonport’s competition on their behalf. The principal, who teaches a voluntary computer science course for adults, wanted his students to learn about the impact of cryptocurrencies on the financial market.

Melon manager competition has broad impact on crypto community

The inaugural Melon Manager Competition of 2018 has a profound impact not only for Melonport but the broader crypto community as well. To the company, it offered invaluable experience in working with the younger generation in cryptocurrency fund management.

Meanwhile, the participation of the Gortskehy students underscores the importance of involving young people in the digital currency space. Blockchain development should not be limited adults and geeks: as the competition showed, younger minds can be quite adept at grasping the fundamentals of the technology and its applications, IBTimes commented.

Russia setting milestones in crypto education

Russia seems to be leading the way in blockchain and cryptocurrency education, so far mostly with a focus on college-level programs. However, Boris Chernyshov, deputy chairman of Russia’s Education and Science Committee, suggested in October the introduction of blockchain lessons in schools.

He was quoted as saying:

“For my part, I want to propose the following: to oblige specialists of leading universities of the country to conduct open lessons on blockchain in regional schools once a month. Considering the necessity of educational projects to inform young people on digital money and blockchain technologies, such events will be quite relevant for students.”

In February, the country opened its first blockchain school in Phystechpark, a Moscow-based tech hub, and lessons started this month.

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