Litecoin [LTC] releases LTC Core 0.17.1; features new updates and privacy solutions for users

Litecoin [LTC] had a lucrative start to the year, with its valuation rapidly rising during the April surge. Litecoin hit a high of $92.78, which was equivalent to almost 85% price increment since the start of January. However, Litecoin [LTC] has since underwent major price corrections, pulling its price down to between the $70-$80 range.

With the Litecoin halving just around the corner, Litecoin [LTC] released its new Litecoin Core 0.17.1 to generate market relevancy.

According to Litecoin’s Medium page, the new release included new features, important bug-fixes, and overall performance upgrade and efficient translations.

Some of the major changes included in the new update include coin selection. Previously, when funds were sent to an address multiple times, coins from those separate payments were spent separately, affecting privacy due to multiple address linkages. The new update enables the wallet to spend existing UTXO [unspent output from BTC transaction] to the same address together, even if it results in higher fees while protecting the privacy of the addresses.

Another key change made was regarding the fee policy. The default minimum transaction fee has been lowered to 0.0001 LTC/KB.

Additionally, it was also announced that miners would now have to option to limit block sizes. The miners previously had the option to use -blockmaxweight, in case they wanted to limit the weight of their blocks.

The report concluded by recommending that all users collectively upgrade to the new version.

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