The Main Benefits of APOD Token

AirPod, the blockchain based, state of the art private spaces in public places project is powered by its own cryptocurrency called the APOD token. The APOD token acts as the medium of value exchange alongside other crypto and fiat payment methods. These APOD tokens have been made available to the public in the upcoming AirPod token sale.

The APOD tokens, circulated between the project and its customers will create an internal economy and these tokens will allow customers to rent the pods at a significant discount. This will not only encourage individual travelers but also companies to purchase APOD tokens for their frequent flyer executives.

APOD Token Distribution

The AirPod tokens are going to be distributed in two phases. There will be a presale followed by a Crowdsale shortly after. 200 million APOD tokens will be made available at $0.10 per token, which can be obtained against ETH payments. The project has set a soft cap of $2.7 million and a $20 million hard cap.

During the presale, 140 million APOD tokens are going to be offered. The minimum investment accepted will be 1 ETH and a maximum of 300 ETH. During this phase, there will be a 30% bonus until the $2.7 million soft cap is reached. After that, there will be an 18% discount until all the 140 million tokens are sold.

Three Benefits of APOD Tokens:

The Sponsorship Program will kick off after the 400th AirPod has been installed. Token holders will be part of this program. They can exchange your tokens for profits generated by the AirPods.

To access the Sponsorship Program, token holders will have to use the Dapp, a web application developed by AirPod. The platform will make it possible to analyze the finances of the AirPods for free and choose the one they want to adopt. An algorithm developed by the AirPod project will set the price of this program.

When multiple parties express interest in one AirPod, token holders will have to bid. When interest is high, the cost of taking part in the Sponsorship Program will also rise. The percentage interest bought in any Sponsorship Program can be sold to other parties who express interest in later stages.

In the next stage, community members will be able to propose the location of future AirPods and become a partner in the project. A submitter will submit a proposal with accompanying photos of the location as well as all other potential costs. The proposal will be approved or rejected. If approved, the parameters will be written in a smart contract and payments made in APOD tokens.

The APOD token will not be dependent on the cryptomarket. Rather, it will be influenced by the AirPod business, which is only set to grow with time. This is because the travel community is poised for major future growth.

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