March ICO: TrustedHealth Unites World's Leading Medical Specialists to Treat Life-Threatening Diseases

The digital health revolution was still in its infancy prior to blockchain’s rise. Now, there is an opportunity to use it effectively, transforming patient care and population health data through a decentralized health ecosystem. Built upon the successful legacy of its flagship platform Trustedoctor, TrustedHealth is launching to increase patients’ global access to doctor specialists using blockchain technology.

TrustedHealth is a patient and doctor-centric health network focused on specialized medicine. The platform connects patients, hospitals, doctors, labs, clinics, pharmacies, research institutions, patient organizations and more, with an overarching goal of improving patient outcomes and sharing research on life-threatening and rare diseases. The March token sale enters its presale stage on March 20 at 12.00 CET with a 30 percent bonus.

The Story

Greg Jarząbek was working in finance and banking when he found out his mother had pancreatic cancer. Unsure of next steps and the accuracy of her diagnosis, he spent months traveling the world in hopes of finding the most effective treatment plan for her specific condition. After her passing seven months later, he realized the scattered state of the world’s medical expertise and how inaccessible many specialists are to the people who need them most.

Modern disease diagnosis and treatment is highly specialized: patients no longer receive a diagnosis of general brain cancer, for example, but for a specific type of brain cancer with a specific type of treatment. Many conditions like these have a specialist associated with them, but the most capable practitioners could be located across the globe from prospective patients.

In addition, many current healthcare systems are not acting in the best interest of the patients, beyond the lack of transparency around the right specialists. Around 20 percent of patients worldwide receive a misdiagnosis, with about 45 percent of those relating to cancer. There are also challenges around a lack of technology, or a lack of access to technology, poor communication, lack of standardization and case-relevant information exchange

Jarząbek realized the solution lies in securely digitizing the holistic healthcare process, from diagnosis to treatment and therapy, and fostering a network of collaboration and knowledge-sharing between the world’s top doctors.

The Working MVP

Before there was TrustedHealth, there was Trustedoctor, which Jarząbek created to give cancer patients the opportunity to get second opinions from experts around the world via virtual consultations. The network has enlisted 80 doctors from 40 hospitals across the globe, establishing a network of collaborating specialists as a resource for its more than 250 patients.

This model and network have proven to be successful in bringing specialists together and giving patients with life-threatening diseases a chance to receive previously inaccessible expert opinions. The next step is utilizing blockchain technology to provide heightened security, offer homogenous digital processes through a single platform, and give doctors access to big data to help further future research for specific conditions.


Following the success of Trustedoctor, TrustedHealth is poised to make a large-scale global impact on a short timeline. The new network is spanning beyond virtual consultations and second opinions and merging into a complete ecosystem. Through TrustedHealth, patients and doctors have a non-bureaucratic way of moving through the healthcare process, including initial consultation, medical records and insurance, lab orders, treatment assignments, travel options and payment.

For doctors, it grants them a method of knowledge sharing amongst other medical practitioners, crowd-researching the specific conditions coming through the platform. This is impacting medical research outcomes because there is currently very limited access to population data, inconsistent rules and permissions for accessing patient data, privacy and security issues, and fraud and abuse. When it comes to digitizing and securing the entire healthcare process, blockchain technology is the only logical way to accomplish it.

The TrustedHealth team recently presented Trustedoctor to the World Health Organization (WHO) at its Geneva headquarters and are in discussions about how it could be useful in furthering the WHO’s mission. Trustedoctor and TrustedHealth want to engage other providers to use the platform to become one standardized virtual platform in specialized medicine.

TrustedHealth’s ICO presale begins on March 20 at 12.00 CET (6 a.m. EST), and its crowdsale begins on March 27 (if the hard cap is not reached in the presale). Its private sale sold out – without any advertising. Whitelisting is now open. Please visit to sign up.

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