Meanwise Brings Graphic Endorsements To The Blockchain

HILAL AGIL: We kind of announced it already, and we haven’t really revealed much information yet, which we plan on doing next month. We have planned on doing a little road show in some cities in Europe to promote the ICO. We will be introducing our own token, the Meanwise token, which would be built on ethereum network. The token is primarily the mechanism for hiring people within our platform and the advantage could be we wouldn’t have lower commission … We’d have a lower commission compared to a [inaudible] platforms. We plan on trying to promote this token. In a way, their other platform could also be using this as [inaudible 00:06:42] option, especially if it’s something to do with the freelancing … If it’s something for freelancers.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: What will your revenue streams be?

HILAL AGIL: By charging the commission for a transaction.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Okay. Have you determined how much that’ll be?

HILAL AGIL:  Not yet. It’s something we are just discussing. Anywhere between two to five percent.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Okay. How are you going to reach your community of designers, architects, etc?

HILAL AGIL: We plan on doing meetups in different cities, where we would invite people from that particular community. It could be a meetup for designers, where they can showcase their work, or network with other designers within the community. That’s a place where we would be promoting Meanwise as well. Our partner with colleges, for example, design colleges where students might be looking for ways to showcase their work or finding potential gigs.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Is there a cost to people who upload their art or design or anything like that?

HILAL AGIL: No, it’s completely free.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Okay. Alright, those are my questions. Anything you want to tell me about that I didn’t ask you about?

HILAL AGIL: Maybe the social cause behind it, or why we are building this. I would say it’s … Especially if you’re a freelancer in a developing country and trying to get a gig from a developed country, then there’s a problem where you might want to … There are trust issues there. If it’s somebody from a certain country, then they’ll chance it. People have trouble trusting this person, or trusting whether their work, the quality of their work and all of that. We are trying to build a trusted system, or an open ended system where everyone have equal opportunity. 

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