Media: there will be more traders on the Indonesian crypto-exchange than on the stock exchange of the country

The largest Indonesian platform for buying and selling crypto currency is catching up with the country's stock exchange.

The Indonesian Digital Asset Exchange, formerly known as, will have 1,5 million traders by the end of the year, writes Bangkokpost with reference to the chief executive director of the crypto-exchange Oscar Darmavan.

The publication recalls that the Indonesian Stock Exchange, which has a hundred-year history, where traditionally traded shares, futures and options, has 1,18 million registered participants, according to the Central Securities Depository of Indonesia.

"We see that about 3000 new members are registered daily (on the crypto-exchange) … Most people trade Bitcoin, although transactions in Ethereum have increased significantly recently," Darmavan said.

Darmavan claims that Digital Asset Exchange plans to double the turnover of the stock exchange, which now leaves about 100 billion rupees (7,3 million US dollars).

Apparently, the activity of Indonesian users is not affected even by the sluggish dynamics of crypto currency at the moment.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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