Merriam-Webster included the words "Blockchain", "Cryptocurrency" and "ICO" in the dictionary

Crypto currency has reached the dictionary.

The terms "Blockchain", "ICO" and "Cryptocurrency" are included in the dictionary, published by the largest company in this field Merriam Webster.

Terms are included in the dictionary among the new 850 words. The publisher commented on the inclusion of neologisms in the dictionary: "if a word is used often enough by at least some, then for him there is a place in the general dictionary. If you see a new word in … in the news, restaurant menu, computer update or social networks, then this word is probably already in the dictionary. "

Merriam Webster: Language does not go on vacation, like dictionaries

Among the terms associated with crypto-currencies, which appeared in the dictionary, there are also such words as "unicorn", a start-up that is valued at about a billion dollars, and several others Smartereum.

Statistics of the use of words in Google search, can reflect the dynamics of the price of crypto currency. This is indicated by research. So, the number of Bitcoin requests in Google was the maximum during the maximum price increase crypto-currencies.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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